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Rent to high quality tenants: Late payments, evictions and property damage are often times the result of a bad tenant. As your client's property management company, it's job is to screen all prospective tenants in order to determine whether they are considered a high risk and qualified to rent the unit. Our tenant screening process includes a detailed background check which consists of the following:

  • Credit history
  • National criminal and eviction background check
  • Review of previous rental history
  • Employment verification

Transparency: Your clients will have access to their account information 24/7. This includes monthly statements with an itemized list of all income and expenses for the month as well as copies of all invoices and receipts. They will also be able to download documents, review account history, and check on the status of outstanding repairs for their rental property.

Protecting the value of their investment: We have created a systematic approach in order to preserve every property that we manage on Oahu. This is an ongoing process and to help ensure that their investment is being taken care of, Certified Property Solutions makes sure the following steps are completed in a timely and organized manner to protect your client interests:

  1. Initial walk through when we first take on an account
  2. Evaluate the condition of the property and make recommendations
  3. Move-in and Move-out walk-throughs with the tenant
  4. Regular evaluations after 90 days and 9 months during the first year, and once a year after that
  5. Pre-screened vendors where we verify their licensing, insurance, quality of work, and negotiating a competitive pricing structure

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