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Our experience with property management in Honolulu has enabled us to put together strategic marketing plans for the properties we lease. Today, we are sharing four tips on how to professionally market your rental home.

Advertise Online

Make sure you utilize online resources. The most popular sites for tenants to use when searching for rental property include Craigslist, Trulia, Zillow and HotPads. You want to make sure you’re advertising on those sites to gain maximum exposure for your property.

Include Pertinent Information

The next tip is to make sure your ad contains basic information about the property. You want it to include rent price, security deposit amount, lease term, and a general description of the property. You want to include these things in every single ad you run.

Fair Housing Laws

Make sure your ad doesn’t violate any fair housing laws. Watch for things like national origin, sex, race, religion, and ethnicity. All these classes, and others, are protected by state and federal laws, so you want to make sure that your ad does not restrict or prevent people in those categories from renting your property. For more information, visit the Hawaii Public Housing Authority.

Avoid Personal Opinions

Choose your words carefully. In addition to fair housing concerns, you don’t want to reference anything that might be an opinion only. For example, calling a neighborhood “safe and quiet” could be inaccurate and based only on opinion. What you feel is safe and quiet could be different from what tenants consider to be safe and quiet. Stick to facts. So, if someone asks a question about whether the area is quiet, you might just want to suggest that they drive through the neighborhood at certain parts of the day to see if they consider it quiet. If they ask about safety, you might want to refer them to the Honolulu Police department website, so they can look up crime statistics.

These are four quick tips to help you market your property more effectively. If you have any questions about this, or anything pertaining to Honolulu property management or property management on Oahu, please contact us at Certified Property Solutions.


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