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Things happen to the best of tenants and you may find yourself one day need to ask your landlord for help by giving you a few extra days to pay your rent. Whether your car broke down, a family emergency, or you simple don’t have enough money, the most important thing is communication.

landlord helping renter

If you are the type of person who pays rent late every single month, then stop. Its hard for a landlord to help someone out month after month. This not only helps tenants improve relationship with the landlord, but it also helps them save money and maintain good rental history.

When something comes up, and you cannot afford to pay your rent, call your landlord and explain to them what is going on. Honesty is important hear. As you can imagine, a landlord may get this a lot and they can often tell when a tenant is not being genuine which makes them less likely to try and work with you. Its also important to have a plan or solution in hand. For example, I can’t pay all the rent at the end of this week, but I can pay half now and I can pay the rest next week once I get paid.

The landlord will still probably charge a tenant the late fee and may even take preliminary steps to start the eviction process, but by explain to them the circumstances, the will be more willing to work with you later on when it comes to the late fee or even hold off a few days before initiating the eviction process.

The best practice is to only do this in extreme circumstances and make sure you keep the landlord informed. When it comes down to it, the bare essentials are a roof over your head and transportation to get to work. If your forced to choose what bills to pay first, those two should be at the top of your list.


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