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A Honolulu property management company knows how to handle maintenance issues professionally and efficiently. Today, we’re sharing some of our best tips with you.

Identifying the Problem

First, identify the issue. When the resident contacts you with a repair request, you’ll want to obtain information such as what they’re seeing, hearing, feeling, or experiencing. This can help you visualize the problem or provide a detailed description to the maintenance technician before they go out. Ask the tenant to be specific.

Troubleshoot with the Tenant

Next, perform some basic troubleshooting with the resident to see if they can resolve the problem on their own, thus saving you the cost of sending someone out to make the repair. Coach them through checking the breaker panel, walk them through how to repair a garbage disposal or replace a toilet flapper, or tell them to do a power cycle on an appliance or an electrical system. Some things are simple and can easily be taken care of by the tenant—which can help save you money.

Contact Your Vendors

Contact an appropriate vendor if necessary to asses and repair whatever isn’t working. Use someone qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable. You also want to make sure you work with vendors who present themselves in a knowledgeable and friendly way. You don’t want them to upset or offend your tenant.

Maintenance Emergencies

If your tenant reports an emergency, act quickly. You want to find out from the tenant what the problem is and if they can isolate it while they are on the phone with you. That could prevent damage and save you thousands of dollars. For example, if there’s a water leak in the property and you can get them to turn off the water while you’re contacting a plumber and a remediation company, it could save you a lot of money from any additional damage. Act quickly and make sure you’re contacting the correct people to service whatever needs to be addressed.

If you have any questions about maintaining your property or property management in Honolulu, please contact us at Certified Property Solutions.


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