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What are bed bugs?

Bedbugs are similar to fleas in that the feed off blood and cause skin irritation. They are small and hard to see. Usually nocturnal, they are attracted to carbon dioxide. Indecently, the name bed bug comes is because they usually bite you while sleeping and nest inside your bed.

How do you know if you have bed bugs?

If you believe that you have bed bugs, the first place to look is your sheets especially in the corners where they usually like to hide. Another useful trick is to buy glue traps usually used for mice and other rodents. Leave them out for a few days around your beds, sofas and other areas you believe may be infested. If you see small insects, then you may want to show the glue trap to a pest control company. If using the glue trap method, be careful if you have pets or small children as they are difficult to peel off.

best way to treat for bed bugs

Treatment options

Most treatment plans often require you to temporarily leave the property for a few days. Initially, a fog treatment along with a chemical spray around the perimeter can be effective for small infestations. Pest control companies will often encase mattresses and other large pieces of furniture to provide a more intense treatment as bedbugs can burrow into your furniture making it difficult to treat.

Another common method is to use heat where special equipment is used to heat the home upwards to 140° F. Bed bugs are sensitive to heat and this is a very effective method but it can cause damage to your personal belongings due to the intense heat.

Preparing to leave

The key to treating bed bugs is to make sure you don’t bring them back into the home. If you have a garage, buy some fresh clothes to last a few days. When you leave the home, change out of your old clothes and place them in a bag which can be tossed back into the house; this includes shoes, socks, etc. Do not go back into the home and be sure not to bring anything from inside the home with you; no pillows, blankets, suitcases, etc. Be sure to think about your car because it is possible that the infestation has also gotten into your car in extreme cases.

If you have a dryer in your garage, you can take your clothes and run them through the dryer on high heat which will usually kill any bed bugs you have on your clothes. Avoid washing them first because this can cause them to get inside the wash machine and its possible that they could survive.

Final thoughts

When caught early on, its fairly simple to treat for bed bugs. Just be careful not to bring them back into the home because this can be very frustrating. When selecting a pest control company, be sure they are experienced in treating for bed bugs to make sure they hit all the areas.


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