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So you are getting ready for your dream vacation but realize that money is getting tight. Maybe you have a large family making it expensive to travel or you are looking to stay in a large suit to spoil a loved one. Whatever the reason, one thing to consider is staying in a vacation rental.

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Like hotels, they come fully furnished, have hotel taxes, cleaning surcharges, etc. But the main benefit is that you can usually rent a vacation property at a cheaper rate then a hotel room that is comparable in size. Not only will this help make your trip more affordable, but they are usually equipped with a kitchen as well.

Most people when they go on vacation are not there to spend hours in the kitchen cooking a gourmet meal. Instead, you’re there to kick your feet back, sit on the beach and relax. However, you can usually get by eating one or even two quick meals while getting ready to head out for the day. Whether is a quick sandwich, leftovers from the night before, or a bowl of cereal, a quick bite to eat can help cut down on your cost and save valuable calories for your large dinner you will have later in the evening followed by a few drinks to end your relaxing day.

You might be thinking to yourself that most hotels come with a mini refrigerator. While this was very true about 10-15 years ago, many hotels are phasing out having a refrigerator in your room. For those hotels who do have a refrigerator, the refrigerator themselves do not usually do a great job at keeping your food cold.

For those who have a large group or are looking for a space where you can spread out, it will be hard to find a hotel room that is cheaper per square foot. You will maximize your spending and can save money on needing multiple hotel rooms. This can especially be handy if you have younger children so that you can be under the same roof to keep an eye on the little ones while being able to stay in the same room with your spouse.

Vacation rentals in Hawaii an vacation destinations

Vacation rentals are very popular in vacation destinations such as Honolulu and Las Vegas. Its important to note that many communities do restrict short term rentals. For example, in the county of Honolulu, without proper zoning variances, most homeowners are not able to lease out their property for a period of less then 30 days.

They offer a true value to vacation destinations because they are generally cheaper then going to hotels or high end resorts when considering what you get. For example, many homes in Kailua or Kaneohoe Hawaii will come equipped with full kitchens which can be very helpful for families or those traveling on a budget.

As always, when leasing out your property, I strongly recommend going through a reputable management company.


While vacation rentals may not be for everyone if it’s just your and a loved one, it is defiantly something worth considering if you are going for a large space or have a good size group.


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