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Aloha, today we are talking about why you would choose Certified Property Solutions to provide Honolulu property management for your rental home. We believe the best solution to any problem is prevention. To do this, we have established a series of policies and procedures based on our experience to protect your investment.

Thorough and Detailed Screening

Tenant screening is more than performing a credit and background check and reviewing pay stubs. In addition to those things, we also do a full review of the credit history and a debt to income analysis. This is similar to what you’d expect a loan officer to do if someone was buying a property. It allows us to verify whether the tenant can truly afford to rent your property. We also contact past landlords and do a nationwide criminal background check, an eviction search, employment verification, and more.

Routine Inspections

While the tenant is living in the property, we do periodic inspections. This gives us a chance to identify maintenance issues that maybe the tenant wasn’t aware of, or we can identify things that a tenant is doing that they are not supposed to be doing. By identifying those things, we can correct them at the time instead of letting them build and become a bigger future problem.

Rent Payment Policy

We have a strict policy when it comes to rental payments. Rent is due on the first, and there is no grace period. We have found that if we offer grace periods to our tenants, they tend to pay their rent on the last day of the grace period. That ultimately delays our ability to pay you. So, by requiring rent on the first of every month, our process is streamlined and we can pay you faster. It also gives us a chance to follow up much sooner with tenants if they haven’t paid rent. We’re able to do it quicker so we can recover lost rent before it gets too out of hand.  

If you have any questions about property management in Honolulu or on Oahu, please contact us at Certified Property Solutions.


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