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Hiring a property manager should give you comfort and assurance in knowing your investment’s needs are being taken care of. That’s exactly what it’s like when working with Certified Property Solutions. With more than 7 years of experience, we know what to expect and our Oahu property management team is ready to provide you with guidance and expert advice to help maximize your return.

Rest assured that you and your investment is our number one priority. Over the years, we have developed techniques to effectively screen tenants as well as monitoring their performance. As your property management company, we are committed to making sure that your tenant is following the lease terms.

Your Investment
Our Prioirty


We encourage a great working relationship with each tenant which not only makes them stay longer, but it also helps us maintain your property to a higher standard.

Our methods and procedures were designed with you in mind so that we can do everything possible to minimize your expenses as a landlord. Click here to learn more about our management process.