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We specialize in renting property on the island of Oahu.
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Wonderful property manager in honolulu

"Thank you for your hard work and follow through. The house looks like it is in great shape. We do appreciate everything that you do and we are glad to have you as our property manager!"

-Stephanie A.

What sets us apart from other property management companies?

Our commitment to you - We understand the true value of your investment and our team is dedicated to making sure that your interests is our top priority.

Customized lease agreement - To help minimize your risk, we have worked with our attorney to create a customized lease agreement with one thing in mind; protecting your interest. It includes clauses and certain requirements that are often left out of generic lease agreements such as requiring renters insurance and clearly defining the tenants role with maintaining your investment.

Tenant accountability - Over the years we have established policies and procedures that allow us to hold tenants accountable such as requiring them to contribute towards certain repair costs and maintaining your property to a high standard. 

Communication -  Here are Certified Property Solutions, we communicate with you every step of the way. From presenting applications to you for final approval, to notifying you about all repairs, we truly believe that working together as a team is the only way to effectively manage your investment. We make it a point to communicate with our clients regarding all maintenance issues and potential problems which could come up later on. As an investor, this helps you make informed decisions and helps keep your property in better condition.

Why you need a professional property manager

Certified Property Solutions is a proud member of the National Association of Property managers (NARPM) and the Oahu chapter. We specialize in providing homeowners and investors with manager solutions for their investments in Hawaiii. Call us today (808) 224-0663.

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