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We Specialize in Property Management on Oahu and Honolulu
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What sets us apart from other property management companies on Oahu?

We are committed to you - Our team understands the true value of your investment property and our only priority is making sure that your interest are protected.

Custom lease rental agreement - In order to to help reduce your risk as a landlord, we have come with with a custom lease agreement by working along with our attorney. This customized agreement is specifically designed for the island of Oahu with sole purpose of protecting your interest. It includes special clauses and disclosures which helps reduce your liability and places more responsibility onto the tenant. 

Accountability - Over time, Certified Property Solutions has established policies and procedures that are designed to help us improve tenant accountability. This reduces the risk of unpaid rent, improper home maintenance, and negligence which can be caused by a tenant. We require the tenants to take on more responsibility when it comes to home maintenance, strict consequences if they don't pay their rent on-time without a sufficient reason, and regular property evaluations.

Regular Communication - Certified Property Solutions strongly believes that the only way to manage your investment is by working together as a team. We work with you every step of the way and keep you informed at all times about repairs, lease negotiations, un-paid balances, and more. 

"Honest and truly reliable, thank you for a job well done!"

Albert C.

Owner of rental property in hawaii

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Certified Property Solutions is a proud member of the National Association of Property managers (NARPM) and the Oahu chapter. We specialize in providing homeowners and investors with manager solutions for their investments in Hawaiii. Call us today (808) 224-0663.