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Better Selection

Superior quality

Effective marketing not only attracts good tenants, but it also helps weed out the bad ones. Our property management team understands what great quality tenants are looking for on Oahu. With this advantage, we can tailor our marketing campaign to help attract excellent tenants quickly and affordably.

Why Wait for a Tenant?

Quick and effective.

Let us help you secure a tenant right away for your rental property. With our proven marketing strategy, experience, and knowledge of the local Hawaii market, Certified Property Solutions can find a tenant in no time!

As your property management company, we will use top rated advertising techniques so that we can help secure the best tenant possible. 

 Advertise your honolulu rental property using our oahu property management team

Our marketing programs includes:

  • Zillow.com
  • Craigslist
  • For rent signs
  • MLS specifically for Realtors
  • AHRN & Military.com to target Military Personnel
  • Plus 22 additional websites for maximum exposure

So don’t wait any longer, Call us (808) 224-0663 to Learn More About Our Marketing And Rental Listing Services in Hawaii.