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Protected & Secure

It’s no secret that great homes not only add value but they are key to finding great tenants. This is why our Oahu Property Management team has developed an effective approach that will proactively help maintain your property in great condition. 

As your property management company, we are committed to helping make sure your home is being properly maintained.

Protocol for Maintenance Request

To minimize your expenses as a landlord, we have created policies and procedures on how to handle maintenance requests when they are received from a tenant. The goal is to save both time and money.

Here is a brief overview of our process:

  • General troubleshooting with the tenant
  • Negotiated pricing
  • Coordinating repairs
  • Paying vendors

Upkeep & Repairs

Maintaining rental property is more than just responding to maintenance requests and painting. At Certified Property Solutions, we believe the best way to protect and secure your investment is by identifying and addressing repairs quickly before they have a chance to cause problems. Not only does this help keep your property in good condition leading to happier tenants, but it helps save you money by addressing issues early on before they become a problem.

Do you really know who is maintaining your property?

Pre-screened vendors

We do. In order to provide you with good quality work at competitive prices, each vendor is required to go through a screening process to see if they qualify to be on our preferred vendor list.

During our screening process we:

  • Check for proper licensing
  • Make sure they are insured and bonded
  • Verify that they have competitive pricing & payment terms
  • Our Oahu property management team will also Interview them one-on-one

The tenant’s role

Our custom lease agreement clearly defines the tenants role and responsibility in maintain your rental. While most Hawaii property management companies use a standard and generic lease agreement, we created our own based off of years of experience which was then reviewed by our attorney to make sure you are protected. It covers different things like false maintenance requests, annual carpet cleaning, and requiring renters insurance. Contact us and we would be happy to provide you with a sample copy.

Property Evaluations

Checking on your rental periodically not only helps us perform regular maintenance, it also gives us a chance to interact with the tenant and discuss the importance of maintaining the home. Even though many companies practicing property management in Hawaii do not perform regular evaluations, Certified Property Management feels that it is an integral part in maintaining and protecting your investment. The best part is that this is at no extra cost to you! 

Property Evaluations:

  • When we first begin managing your investment
  • With the tenant as they first take possession
  • Three months after the tenant has moved in
  • Nine months into the lease and one a year after that
  • When the tenant moves out of the property

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