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Aloha and thank you for choosing Certified Property Solutions as your property management company in Hawaii. Our goal is to provide you with the highest level of service and we believe that a well maintained home is an important part of this. In order to ensure that our homes are well maintained, we have developed a routine maintenance schedule to help make your time with us pleasant and enjoyable. 

Every 30 Days

We ask that you perform a general evaluation of the property at least once every 30 days to help keep the property in great condition for you and your family. Please report or address any items that appear to be in disrepair or malfunctioning. 

Here is a general list of items to look for; please keep in mind that this is not all inclusive:

Check Filters: AC system(s), RO system, refrigerator, and range hood/microwave; please wash or change filters per the manufacturer recommendations or when filters appear to be dirty.

Assess Faucets: both interior and exterior faucets as well as water shut off valves; look for leaks, signs of corrosion, buildup of mineral matter, and/or signs of a blockage in lines. Please notify us right away of any leaks.

Roof: From the ground and by looking through windows, please check missing roof tiles or shingles.

Grout & Caulking: Look for cracks or gaps in caulking and tile grout: especially around tubs/showers and sinks.

Damage to the exterior: Exterior trim or siding with cracks, peeling paint, or other possible damage.

Flooring: Look for fraying or tears in carpet and vinyl, as well as large cracks in tile and tile grout.

Drains & Gutters: Looks for possible clogs. A helpful trick would be to fill up sinks with water and then drain it; this will help flush out things that may stick to the drain lines (this might not get everything, but it can help).

Water Leaks & Damage: Look for new or developing signs of water damage on ceilings, cabinets, drywall, baseboards, etc.

General Amenities: Test light and water fixtures as well as appliances, AC systems, and the water heater to make sure everything is working properly.

Insulation and weather stripping: Check around doors, AC systems, and exposed pipes that are on the exterior of the home such as the shut off valve for the sprinkler system to look for cracks or gaps.

Sprinkler & Drip Heads: Look for breaks or leaks in the sprinkler and drip heads as well as sprinkler overspray.

Regular Yard and Lawn Maintenance: Fertilize, aerate, and reseeding lawns as necessary; also trimming trees and bushes, and removing weeds as well as any trash.

Check faucet aerators: Theses are on the end of the faucet where the water comes out and can clog from mineral buildup which can decrease the amount of water coming out. 

  • Carefully clean or replace aerators as needed by unscrewing it. Usually the thread is reversed so you will typically turn to the right to loosen. Please be careful making sure not to damage the faucet. 
  • To clean, unscrew the aerator by carefully turning counter clockwise and rinse it off; you may need to use vinegar to help break down the mineral build up; be sure not to over-tighten the aerator which could damage the faucet.

Every 90 Days

Test smoke detectors: Please replace the batteries every 6 months.

Clean window and sliding door tracks: Please clean out dirt, debris, and lubricate tracks as needed.

Appliance maintenance and thorough cleaning: Test the appliances to make sure they are working properly; please clean the interior and exterior of all the appliances including behind and beneath refrigerators, oven/ranges, washers, and dryers.

  • Clean the interior of the dishwasher using either vinegar or an acid treatment designed for dishwashers which can be purchased from any local hardware store.
  • Check water and gas shut off valves for leaks and make sure that the lines are secure but not over-tightened.

AC vents: Check and adjust vent opening to allow for proper heating or cooling.

Sprinkler clock: Test the sprinkler clock and set it accordingly per the season and the assigned watering schedule.

Irrigation System: Run the irrigation system to check for possible leaks; please replace any clogged or damaged sprinkler and drip heads to ensure that all the plants are getting enough water.


Door hardware: Check hinges, rollers, tracks, knobs/levers; please clean and lubricate as needed.

Lubricating garage door rollers: Garage door rollers should be lubricated at least once a year using a standard garage door lubricant which can be purchased at any local hardware store.

Carpet cleaning: The carpets need to be professionally cleaned once a year to help keep the carpet in its best condition for you and your family.

Dryer Vent Line: Remove and unclog dryer vent lines; the interior should be vacuumed

By perform these quick assessments we hope to keep the property in great condition while trying to avoid repairs which may be preventable through routine maintenance.

Should you have any questions, please contact Certified Property Solutions. We are always here to help.

Click here to Download A Copy Of The Recommended Home Maintenance List.