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Certified Property Solutions is a Property Management Company in Hawaii that services Honolulu and the Island of Oahu

We believe that through great communication, we can help make your life a little easier. That's why Certified Property Solutions has created a page that is designed just for you!

Here you can learn about ways to save money through simple maintenance techniques as well as access a variety of other resources. As your property management company, we want to help you save time by providing you with quick and easy access to tools that makes renting from Certified Property Solutions even easier.

Utility Services

Hawaiian Electric Company
(808) 548-7311

Honolulu Board of Water Supply
(808) 748-5000
(808) 748-5010 emergency

The Gas Company
(808) 535-5933
(808) 526-0066 emergency

TV, Internet & Phone Services

Time Warner Oceanic Cable
(808) 643-2100

Hawaiian Telcom
(808) 643-0813


Direct TV
(888) 777-2454

Service Vendors

Eco Clean Hawaii
Carpet Cleaning
(808) 783-9225

Legendary Cleaners
Maid, Carpet Cleaning, Yard, & Handyman
(808) 392-5579

Chills LLC
(808) 551-3153

Your Hawaii

Honolulu Police Department
(808) 529-3111
(serving all of Oahu)

Trash & Refuse Disposal
(808) 768-3200

Department of Education
(808) 586-3230

Forms & Documents Provided By Certified Property Solutions

Helpful Videos

How to unjam and reset your garbage disposal.

Trouble shoot your GFCI outlet.

How to repair a wobbling ceiling fan.

Troubleshooting smoke detectors.

Resetting your breaker to restore power to your home and electrical devices.

How to unclog a sink.

How to unclog a toilet.

How to stop a running toilet and replace the toilet flapper.

How to replace a toilet handle / lever.

How to fix a leaking or squealing toilet.

How to replace a shower head.

How to fix a faucet with low water flow by replacing the aerator.

How to remove hard water stains.

How to PREVENT hard water stains.

How to unlock a bathroom or bedroom door.

How to install a towel bar.

How to tighten a loose towel bar (also works for toilet paper holders).

How to replace a door knob.

How to fix a small hole in drywall.

How to replace a sprinkler head.

Adjust Garage door to Open/Close

How to replace an electric outlet.