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Do you really know who is renting your property? Many Hawaii property management companies don’t thoroughly screen tenants which ultimately ends up cost you more money down the line. We understand the importance of finding great quality tenants. To do this, our Oahu property management team has developed an effective way to weed out undesirable tenants to significantly reduce your risk as an investor.

Our tenant screening services include:

  • Complete credit history review
  • National criminal and eviction background check
  • Verify their identity to help protect against identity theft
  • Review previous rental history
  • Employment verification
  • Looking for risky tendencies and behavior
  • Debt-to-income analysis

There is no additional charge to you for processing applications. You can have as many people as you want apply without any extra charge to you!

Another way to make things even easier, applicants can fill out their application online to speed up processing times.

Finally, you are given the option to review each application with one of our leasing specialists just to make sure the applicant is a good fit for you and your investment.

 great quality tenants found using tenant screening methods developed by our hawaii property management team

Tenant Screening Only Plan

Are you interested in finding a tenant but prefer to manage the property on your own? No problem, we have a plan that right for you. This includes all the items listed above in addition to professional marketing and advertising. It’s a great way for you to maintain control over the day-to-day management of your investment in Hawaii while getting the benefits of having tenants professionally screened for you.